My artwork comes in various shapes and forms with common themes dashing in and out. I have a masters in fine art but consider myself completely untrained and unread. I’m not a commercial artist and I enjoy creating work that challenges me and enhances my own experiences. I have no concern as to whether the work is viewed or not. However, I enjoy collaborating with both like minded and unlike minded people so perhaps this website will support future work and collaborations.

My influences come from the world I’ve naturally grown up in. Creativity seems to help me question what it’s all about. Years of walking around the mountains has supported adventurous explorations of the sublime and the questioning of what it is to be human. A tidy mind and a tidy home led to an instant attraction to Barnet Newman’s work. Playing noisy music badly for many years while listening to bands like Sonic Youth acted as a catalyst for an exploration into counter culture and obsessions with movements such as ‘The Cinema of Transgression’.

My work seems to always tie in somehow to the themes of confusion, suspension and the removal of linear time. The fascinating, confusing, powerful mechanisms of noise, sex, minimalism and monotony seem to be regularly used.

Quite often the Lash Frenzy work is collaborative and I've worked with lots of people over the years. Some people drop in as a one off and some people have been part of so many pieces that it's hard to image the work happening without them. Too many people to name but you all know who your are and a big huge thanks for embracing the chaos!

Thanks. Andrew.

Feel free to get in touch