A digital manipulation of 3 seperate peices of work. Charles-August Mengin's painting of Sappho, A still of Lung Leg from Richard Kern's film 'fingered' and a photo from Lash Frenzy's 'xvoidx' series   The work looks at the beauty in darkness and continues the theme of timelessness.
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 A performance at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. It was commissioned by arts currator 'Capsule' as part of the 'Home of Metal' events  The performance involved instruments played with bows, circled around the audience. 3 notes were used lasting 10 minutes each. The 3 notes were those that are used at the start of black sabbaths song 'black sabbath'.
 A performance at the Supersonic festival. The performance took place in a large warehouse and involved a string quartet on stage and then dotted randomly around the room were 4 bass players, 4 guitarists, 4 drummers and a female performance artist.   The lights were turned off and the room was lit with roving strobes and smoke machines. The performance started before the doors were open. Once the performance started the audience were let in. The audience then found their way through the smoke and watched in an area of their choice. The rules for the musical performers was to play no melody or repetitive beat. Part way through the performance the female performance artist walked through the crowd gradually taking items of clothes off.  The performance looked at the ideas of experience and the power of experiencing something that is all engulfing and lacks any prior knowledge. As the performance progresses the audience gets used to what is happening. For this reason the performance artist is introduced to enhance the audience experience and and once again remove any understanding of what is happening. The suggestion is that the use of sex within an environment where it is not the norm is a powerful mechanism to heighten experience.     
 A collaborative 24 hour performance by Lash Frenzy and German artist Christian Jendreiko. The performance took place at East Side Gallery in Birmingham and was open to the public.   Guitars, bass and percussion were used. Christian had a fixed set of notes/scales/chords that he used and the Lash Frenzy performers respond to each and every situation with abstract sound.  Performers included; Andrew, Christian Jendreiko, Si Rider, Peter Brown, Alexis Brown, David Dunphy, Simon Fox, Gavin Wade, Jonathan Parker.  The 24 hour timescale allowed performers to explore performance with less regard to linear time.
 A commission made for the 'Cinema of Transgression' retrospective. 3 separate photo graphs were installed in two grotty toilets of a gallery. In one toilet a life size mirror image print was installed in a frame looking back at the person sitting on the toilet. In the second toilet two framed pictures had double exposed images of punk looking model shot in the same position/location as the viewer would be standing. The lighting in the toilets had blue filters. The frames were covered in burnt tin foil.     The work continued Lash Frenzy's work in multiple time frames but also combined the morbid attraction of gritty, junkie, punk, outsider, sexual aesthetics of the cinema of transgression. The blue lighting used was the same as that used in public toilets to prevent drug addicts from finding their veins to inject.    
 A Lash Frenzy performance at the Asylum in Birmingham. 4 girls played noise guitar while Peter Brown and Mort the Sonic created digital noise hidden from the stage. The girls were brought on stage in Orange robes and owl masks. The were de-robed and 'presented' to the audience   The work continued the notions of the confusion of sex within a suspension of logical narrative and time. Pauline Reage's 'The Story of O' was the back drop for the piece and added to the confusion of 'who is this for', 'what is happening' and 'why is this happening'  
 A commissioned performance at Supersonic, Birminghams sound and art festival between Lash Frenzy and KK Null. For this performance Lash Frenzy included Steve Hough, Sam Underwood, Peter Brown, KK Null, Si Rider and Darren Donovan. Instruments included guitars, bass, tuba and digital noise while two strobes roved around the strobe lit and smoke filled room.  An extension of the Lash Frenzy sublime/experience/suspension work. 
 A solo performance in the Buddha room at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The performers played string instruments ranging from double bass to viola. Performers included Simon Fox, Alexis Brown, Sarah Farmer, David Dunphy and Sian Williams.  The performance was held in the orange painted room and the note C was played. The note C and the colour orange correspond to the frequency of the earth. Again the performance looked at the idea of experience and suspension of time
 A commission for a solo show at Vivid Art gallery in Birmingham.  Each of the walls had different images of the circles of the Selfridges building in Birmingham spinning around. The screen in the center of the room had fast edits of google earth stills of post codes from B46 through to B1.  A 5.1 surround sound system was installed that played Lash Frenzy’s ‘C’
 A Lash Frenzy performance at the Rainbow Warehouse involving Andrew, Mort the Sonic, Si Rider, Rob Horrocks and Tallulah Tease. The front of stage was obscured by an opaque screen.  The performance looked at the confusion of the attraction of sex within a suspended state.  
 This was the final piece of work for the Master in Fine Art.  The viewer entered in to the room through a long orange tunnel. Once through the blacked out room the audience found themselves in a room with projections covering each of the 4 walls. The projections take influence from Duchamp's 'Nude Descending a Staircase' and had multiple moving images from multiple angles laid over the top of each other and looped. A 5.1 surround sound system was installed and played Lash Frenzy's 'C'  
 A photo of girl jumping from the high board at Tudor Grange baths in Solihull.  The two photos superimposed on top of each other continued to explore the aesthetic attraction of one moment showing multiple moments.
 An extension of 'Drrrrrrrr', this Piece looked at encountering something and potentially facilitating the sublime.  Three listening posts were installed in various wild location in the Pyrenees playing Lash Frenzy's 'C' performance on a loop. The work considered Edmund Burke's notion of the sublime of a majestic mountain view and looked at the possibilities of becoming a catalyst for the sublime. 
 Part of the fine art masters this installation had an analogue valve amplifier playing Lash Frenzy's 'C' performance on a loop in the corridor of a public space.  The work looked at unexpected experience. A passer by had no prior knowledge that it was there and there was no description text next to it. 
 A montage of photos of me's over the years. The image was presented as a set of 4, reminiscent of a photo booth print.  The piece looked at the nostalgia of many moments considered in memory through one single moment.
 A photo portrait of a sister, a brother and a girlfriend. 
 A painting that expands Barnet Newman's 'flash' and creats 'moments' rather than a single 'moment'. Each line has a different gradient, exploring the idea of a decaying moment that is happening 'now'. 
Lash Frenzy and Mort the Sonic - Rainbow Warehouse 2007
 his was the first collaboration between Lash Frenzy and Mort the Sonic and explored chaos within digital and analogue. Mort exports raw data files as audio and manipulates the result. For this performance Andrew played guitar.  The house lights were turned off and the room was lit only by a strobe. A smoke machine was continuously on.
 performance at the Medicine bar in Birmingham involving 2 bass players and 3 guitarist. The performance was a continual drone of the note C. The audience faced a projector that covered them in the colour orange  A limited edition recording of the performance was released and a painting of Andrew's was used as the cover   The performers included: Andrew, Peter Brown, Andy Smart, Si Rider, Steve Hough
 A series of 3 projections that played behind Anaal Nathrackh on a short tour. The films combined loops of Richard Kern's 'fingered', stills and video from xvoidx and fast 1 second edits of public domain stock images  
 xvoidx was a collaborative project looking at aesthetic beauty within a darker context. Pre Suicide Girls this project expanded on the work of auteurs within the Cinema of Transgression movement and took influence from artists such as Richard Kern, Lung Leg, Lydia Lunch and Nick Zedd.  
 This was the first live Lash Frenzy performance. It took place at the Flapper and Firkin in Birmingham and lasted for approximately 40 minutes. A cathartic wall of sound with all amps on full, no melody and no repeated beat.   The performers included: Andrew, Peter Brown, Darren Donovan, Mick Kenny, Kat Bjelland and Keith St Louis